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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Love Supreme

Gil Scott-Heron was a true visionary, one who's music and writing had a certain movement to them. Upon hearing "We Almost Lost Detroit" for the first time, I can remember thinking, with borrowed nostalgia to a time when Scott-Heron was constantly producing new and innovative works, never changing to meet the industry norm. I never lived in this hay-day and feel somewhat disingenuous talking about it, but I want to dedicate this weeks show to a true visionary, one who's story was truly interesting and unique.
In other news, I have been busy digging through records, finding the likes of The Lloyd Mcneill Quartet, BB King, Dizzy Gillespie, and most of all John Coltrane.
In other cultural exploits, David Lynch's Twin Peaks has been on repeat in the Dilemma library.
Tune in 4-6 PM this Sunday on KRBX FM 89.9.
Check out the playlist:
Much Love,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free Sale

Here it is the third show on air. After a week or so in the making, Dilemma has been busy digging and building the Junior debut. Not many notable new releases, even the Antlers newest was somewhat lacking. The music of LCD Soundsystem has always captivated, but maybe its the fact that they are no more that has made play the Self-titled release on repeat. In terms of other cultural exploits, the art of Rammellzee has been in the Dilemma mix. A mixture of tagging and afro-futurism, Rammellzee's art is undeniably cool. Digging has been great, I passed "Free Sale" and managed to get my hands on some dirty LP's, most notable would be George Benson (In Flight), Diana Ross (Live), and The Smiths (The Queen is Dead).

Much Love,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Wave, Old Hat

Brand new to the dial, I am proud to be apart of such an ambitious and truly beneficial project here at FM 89.9 KRBX. Today I prepare for my sophomore show on the FM air waves, Lupe Fiasco played the Boise State University Spring Fling (giving a relatively lackluster performance) and Dilemma has been busy digging in the crates, respecting the likes of Roy Ayers and Garland Jeffreys. In terms of new music Beastie Boys reaffirmed their status as some of the original Hip-Hop luminaries, Ernest Greene's Washed Out released a new single in preparation for the new album (dropping July 12), and Gang Gang Dance made everyone afraid of the dark. Some of my newesy cultural exploits would be the artwork of Keith Haring. Here's some of what I have been listening to this past week, can't get enough of that bone-deep bass-line in the intro, shit speaks to my ancestors it's so deep:

Tune in today at 4 to hear Urban Backcountry
Much Love,