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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sleigh Bells-Treats

This is a tale of two albums, one is the electro-pop masterpiece of "Rill Rill", the other is the loud and driving distortion of "Tell'em". These two concepts and sounds would never work, had they been used by another artist, Sleigh Bells manages to do this seemlessly, with each beat driving the guitar tracks. The album opens with "Tell'em", possibly one of the loudest and deepest songs I have ever heard. "Tell'em" features layers upon layers of Derek Miller's noise making, as well as a beat that sounds like it was made using metal garbage cans and broken glass. Through each song, the album makes sure to never lose its energy, one of the most energetic and noise filled tracks is "Crown On The Ground", an energy filled track that combines a catchy pop melody, with sheer noise, to create something truly unique. My favorite track on the album is "Rill Rill", a ringing acoustic guitar leads the listener through church bells and Alexis Krauss's fantastic vocal line. Every track in this song brings it one step closer to a pop classic, and leaves the listener satisfied, but wanting more.  The first listen to this album doesn't do it justice, each song has so many intricate tracks and sounds, that its hard to notice half of them in one listen. It is a tale of two albums, two people, two listens, and one pop-masterpiece.

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